Deep Ocean Array

Deep Ocean Array

OCE’s SEACATS technology works in the part of the cycle of tidal or ocean current flows in which the water flows more slowly at different depths, thereby increasing electrical generation of the tidal and ocean cycle in which the rotors are operating.



SEACATS is a patented ‘tidal bridge’ concept to retrofit existing bridges with tidal energy systems technology allowing for an independent tidal energy plant to be retrofitted beneath an existing structure without compromising its the structural integrity.

Ocean Currents

Ocean Currents

Maximize captured energy in locations where the topography creates significant flows. Unfortunately, most devices at present rely on massive bases to withstand the force of the current, restricting the depths in which they can operate; OCE technology offers a solution.

International Opportunities for Ocean and Tidal Energy


  • Gulf Stream
  • Verrazano Narrows Bridge
  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Tacoma Narrows Bridge
  • Maine


  • Pentland Firth
  • Severn Estuary
  • Strait of Gibraltar


  • Chinese Coast Between Xiamen and Shantouand in the Entrance to the Boahai Sea
  • West Coast of Korea


  • Agulhas Current Off the Coast of South Aftrica

South America

  • Chacao Channel-Puerto Mont, Chile