OCE and a UK sister company were established in 2008 by Bruce Heafitz and Patrick Mulvey who had previously worked in the pioneer tidal energy company (Blue Energy-Canada) to extract electrical power from the kinetic energy in tides and slow moving ocean currents.

While it is widely agreed that tidal energy is a valuable and competitive way to meet our renewable energy needs, many attempts to build tidal energy systems have focused on massive and expensive structures which resulted in several well publicized failures. Because the OCE team believes that concepts developed by early tidal energy companies (first movers) exceeded the capabilities of conventional engineering practices and proven metallurgical science, they were unreliable and expensive to install and maintain. OCE instead focuses on simple and achievable equipment solutions that will not only be more reliable in the field, but which will be less costly to build. Our company believes that it is possible for tidal and ocean current projects to be competitive in conventional utility-scale generation markets by reducing CAPEX and OPEX requirements of the equipment.


Bruce Heafitz – Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Bruce Heafitz Senior Financial Executive
Bruce Heafitz

Bruce Heafitz first became involved as a major shareholder and director of Ogle Resources, which was prominent in the development of the California offshore oil fields, and owned several interests individually. Upon returning from several years in Peru in 2000, Bruce helped to obtain the financing for the conversion of a disused oil platform off of Oxnard, California as an LNG re-gasifcation facility. In that activity, a senior executive at a Dow 30 Company asked that he assist in the development of Blue Energy, which was a pioneer in the hydrokinetic energy field. In this role, along with his present partners in SageStone LLC, Bruce has been involved in the development of several renewable energy fields. Melding a decade of experience in the development of California heavy oil and Anandarko deep gas with fifteen years of Wall Street Investment Banking and South American startup ventures Bruce founded and funded an innovative institutional financing vehicle for the independent oil and gas industry now called First Reserve.  In the mid eighties he brought modern geophysical techniques to the field of archaeology starting with the locating of the first tomb in the Valley of Kings since King Tut’s.  After several more years developing  several ventures in South America
> he returned to the U.S. where he has been actively engaged as a principal of SageStone in renewable energy field both as a developer and investment banker.  In addition he has pursued his interest in marine hydrokenetics as CEO of Ocean Current Energy.  His education includes a Harvard B.A. and Columbia J.D. and M.B.A.s.

Patrick Mulvey – Chief Technology Officer

Pat Mulvey
Patrick Mulvey

An experienced senior corporate executive and management consultant, Patrick has worked in North America, Australia and the Far East and has advanced graduate degrees in industrial engineering/operations research (M.S) and an M.B.A from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. He has over 25 years’ experience in various senior executive management positions with Fortune 100 companies including General Electric, FedEx, and Cablevision Systems with significant P/L responsibilities. He has also been involved in start-up ventures and turnarounds in a variety of industries, including leading edge technologies such as Internet broadband, parallel processing and VOIP; and in the last seven years with environmental companies including Blue Energy, a tidal energy company where he served as CEO. Patrick as inventor has developed the SEACATS technology with 5 patents filed or pending. Patrick has dual US and Irish citizenship.

Affiliate Companies:

Think Renewables, LLC

Herb Nock is currently the President of Think Renewables, LLC (TR). TR is a specialty-consulting firm providing technical management and commercialization services to emerging companies in the clean tech and renewable energy sectors. Prior to forming TR, Herb was the VP of Business Development for Ocean Power Technologies (OPT). In this capacity Herb was responsible for US Commercial and Navy account development specifically developing industry leading wave energy projects in Oregon plus Hawaii and innovative special purpose applications for the Navy. His responsibilities also included permitting and project funding of these activities necessitating close relationships with State and Federal political, environmental, and regulatory leaders in addition to the DOE and DOD. Prior to OPT, Herb was the senior VP of Business Development for FuelCell Energy (FCE). At FCE Herb developed a domestic and international distribution network composed of industry leading companies to facilitate product sales into available international and domestic early adopter markets. Herb also provided fuel cell industry and FCE company leadership of government affairs at the state and federal level. While part of the FCE senior management team, FCE became the international market leader in its product space. Herb also worked at GE Power for 29 years where he held positions in engineering, project management, and sales. During this time, Herb led a number of “game changing” initiatives including re-engineering a service business to significantly increase sales volume and profitability, developing industry leading monitoring and diagnostic tools with the Corporate R&D Center, and membership in a “select” acquisition team for the then largest GE offshore acquisition. Herb has a BSME for Worcester Polytechnic Institute and a MBA from Boston University.

Baxley Ocean Visions

Baxley Ocean Visions is a privately owned ocean engineering corporation located in South Florida providing technical support for the marine industry. A wide range of services is available which incorporate cost-effective, reliable, and innovative solutions to ocean-related problems. Capabilities include remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), renewable energy system development and testing, diving and underwater surveying, cable system engineering and modeling, marine archaeology, and custom product development.

Strategic Partners

2016 SNMREC Preferred Partner

Southeast National Marine Renewable Energy Center

SNMREC is a U.S. Department of Energy designated center at Florida Atlantic University. With its two sister centers, they aim to help accelerate and enable the safe and responsible commercialization of marine renewables in the U.S. Serving the eastern U.S. seaboard, SNMREC strategically secures and directs funding to address the multi-disciplinary challenges that the new sector faces – socio-economic, technological, and scientific areas. OCE has developed a partnership with SNMREC, as a Preferred Partner as well as seeking joint project funding from federal and state agencies. Current projects include rotor testing and evaluation as well as small-scale demonstration prototype build and testing.